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And you, what are you looking forward to this Christmas?

Grup Pyrénées publishes the Christmas magazine where you will discover a multitude of gift ideas When December arrives, the vast majority of us mortals are overcome with a feeling of excitement that is hard to overcome. There is excitement for many things throughout the year, but Christmas brings magic, happiness, good luck and a long et cetera. It’s a time when good wishes are on everyone’s lips. We propose challenges to do during the next year, but usually this one fades away after the first month.

Grup Pyrénées starts this Christmas with a great desire to give back the illusion to those who have been losing it , with a desire to recover visits to the center, with a desire for surprising and magical things to happen and with a desire to look to the future with optimism . Purposes that are included, in a certain way, in the message issued by the president of the Pyrénées Group in the editorial of the Christmas magazine . A writing that sets out the path that the business will follow in the coming months.

In this year’s Christmas magazine you will find content for everything. Interviews with prominent figures from different fields, gastronomic proposals for Christmas, gift ideas (which will surely help more than one person), among others. Nearly two hundred pages filled with information in which fashion and trends take their place.



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