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EPIZEN celebrates its first ‘Black Friday’ with discounts of up to 50%.

The most desired brands of electronics and technology are the subject of unprecedented promotions in the specialist store IO: Electro&Home Until next Monday, November 28, Black Friday lands at the Epizen shopping center with discounts of up to 50% on electronic products. Brands such as SONY, SAMSUNG, APPLE, RAZER, and LG will apply for promotions never seen in Andorra.

The specialized store IO: Electro&Home presents the best opportunity of the year to get ahead of the Christmas and Kings shopping and get everything the customer is looking for, at the best price, either for own use or to give as a gift. Carlos Caamaño, retail manager of the IO: Electro&Home store, explains that “it is an establishment concept that is appealing to all audiences for the products, spaces and, above all, for the areas where you can experiment, such as in the gaming area”. In this sense it is worth saying that Genesis or Fury items have a promotion of 50% only during Black Friday.

Other electronics references also have unbeatable prices. For example, the Samsung Gwatch 4 watch, which goes from 299 euros to 135, or the Ferrari G3 pizza machine, which from the 139 euros it normally costs drops to just 39.95 euros.

Epizen, the largest shopping center in Andorra, ensures good atmosphere and the best offers during the week of Black Friday, which is celebrated for the first time in this giant of shopping and entertainment. “We have many actions prepared for all the visitors who come to Epizen in the different businesses and shops”, underlines Caamaño. “We are very satisfied with the response of our customers, most of them are surprised by the wide assortment of products and the diversity of commercial and restaurant spaces we have to spend a day shopping with family or friends”.



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