HomeNewsMore than a hundred new registrations on the Internet per month.

More than a hundred new registrations on the Internet per month.

Andorra Telecom will close the year with profits of 20 million euros Andorra Telecom receives more than a hundred new Internet requests per month. This is stated by the general manager of the telecommunications company, Jordi Nadal, who indicates that the great arrival of new residents in the country is having a “totally positive” impact on the income of the former parapublic’s national business.

So, he comments that, despite the losses recorded in the accounts due to the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine, thanks to the increase in new hires and the good dynamics of the business, Andorra Telecom will end the year with the profits foreseen in the budget of 20 million euros. “We were able to offset all the losses that the stock market generated with the best we could do with our business and everything we exploited,” he said.

Looking ahead to the coming years, he says that they anticipate “certain” stability in income because “we will revert in the form of discounts in the future, lowering the price of tariffs, part of the income growth” generated by the increase in the population. In addition, from the telecommunications company they are also very careful with expenses.

Another of Andorra Telecom’s spearheads are the benefits brought by roaming, which this year, as detailed by Nadal, thanks to the arrival of a large number of visitors and tourists, they believe will exceed the forecasts set out in the budget, 19.3 million euros, and will climb up to 21.3.



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