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The end of airplane mode is coming: Europe will allow the use of 5G on board.

The EU opens the door to the use of 5G on planes, which means the death of this functionality The European Union has decided to end the mandatory use of airplane mode to embrace the use of mobile connections when we are on board.

It’s not so much that it’s no longer dangerous to avionics systems if it ever was with modern systems, but that innovation and improved networks open the door to the use of mobile networks as well in the sky Since the avionics question has long been out of the debate.

The European Union has announced that airlines will be able to provide 5G on their planes, alongside previous generations of mobile technology (4G, 3G), as the Commission has updated the spectrum specifications for mobile communications on board aircraft, designating certain frequencies for in-flight 5G technology.

This change means the death of airplane mode, as passengers will be able to connect to mobile networks inside the plane, in addition to Wi-Fi connections offered by airlines on some of the routes.



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