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The Top Five Entertainment Technology Tools You Need To Know About

The Top Five Entertainment Technology Tools You Need To Know About

Technology has changed the way we view entertainment Technology. As an industry, it’s only gotten more exciting in the past few years. Console gaming has become a staple of American life, and digital distribution platforms have become a noteworthy part of that landscape. Even with all of this innovation, however, there is one technology that remains largely unchanged: the DVD/VCR Combo Package. When it comes to your favorite films and TV shows, you’ve got to have a system that allows you to watch them all at once – no running cables or trackpads necessary. That’s the five-item list from EntertainmentTechToolBox, and we’ll go over each item in turn.

The DVD+R Version Recorder

With the rise of digital video recorders (DVRs), and especially with the proliferation of smart home devices, the need for a solution that could simultaneously record and playback media has become more apparent. The only way to satisfy this growing market was to provide a solution that would record content at the same time as it was being recorded. That’s where the DVD+R Recorder comes into the picture.

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The Digital Audio Tape (DAT)

DATs have become less of a mainstream phenomenon over the past few years, but they still hold some appeal for those who want to keep their media protection and privacy, and who want to record sound. The ability to record and store sound, while not bolder than that of a human voice, is still quite stimulating. When it comes to playing back your favorite recordings, however, the DAT tape has improved quite a bit in the past few years.

The Genre-Changer, The Digital Video Guide

The Genre-Changer, or DVG, is a technology that will make it possible to record and playback media in different styles and topics. For instance, you can record and playback video news reports as well as video game news updates. This could go hand-in-hand with the availability of DVRs, and with services such as Netflix and Amazon letting users record and watch live TV, there’s no telling what other technologies will be available in the future.

The Blu-Ray Disc and its Accessories

Unlike the DVDs and VCRs above, the Blu-Ray Disc and its accessories don’t need a separate recording device. They are simply meant to be a storage and distribution solution. The typical Blu-Ray Disc player comes with additional features, like a built-in tuner that lets you track and select different types of content, or the ability to record and edit with any of the included tools.

The Digital Theater Projector (DTP)

The DTP is a piece of entertainment technology that has seen significant improvement in the past few years. Most DTP products now come with a variety of features, from built-in tuners to the ability to record and edit with the Media Server software. However, the most impressive feature of all is the ability to project content in a way that exceeds the capabilities of the traditional broadcast satellite. For instance, you can record a live show in 3D, meaning that viewers around the world can see the show in their native language, or in 4D, meaning that they can see the audience in their entirety.

Summing Up

All that being said, there are still some things you need to get used to in the new year, like what features will be available in next year’s model, and what you need to keep in mind before diving into the depths of video production.



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