HomeNewsThe World Cup matches were actually FIFA 23 matches, Vietnamese watched for free.

The World Cup matches were actually FIFA 23 matches, Vietnamese watched for free.

They included Vietnamese commentary like those on legitimate broadcasts Thousands of Vietnamese wanted to watch the World Cup in Qatar without having to pay for a subscription to a cable service, so many resorted to the typical trick of looking for free links on the internet. In the end, promises of watching the World Cup in Qatar for free led them to a series of YouTube channels promising to broadcast the star matches of the World Cup.

Nothing strange so far. The different channels offered the matches with attractive titles such as Live Germany-Japan on 23/11 Group E World Cup 2022. And they were actually live-streaming these matches. The problem is, they were fake. So fake that users were seeing pixelated FIFA 23 matches with Vietnamese narration.

If that wasn’t enough, the situation is even more hilarious. Due to the fact that many regions in Vietnam have connection problems, the video was blurry at first, and they were not live streams of the game, but were like screen recordings, so they initially looked “believable”.



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