HomeNewsThey charge for smuggling an Andorran Bentley worth 250,000 euros.

They charge for smuggling an Andorran Bentley worth 250,000 euros.

The Italian police consider that the Principality’s registration has been kept for not paying 45,000 euros in taxes The Treviso police have confiscated a Bentley Continental Gran Turismo registered in Andorra in 2020 and which costs 250,000 euros. The car has taken place because the owner bought it in the Principality, but she lives in Italy and has not registered it in that country because she should have paid 45,000 euros. As the legal term in which it could drive with Andorran registration has passed, the car is considered to be ‘contraband’ because it has not paid the corresponding taxes in Italy.

The woman could not drive in Italy a car registered in a country outside the EU for more than two months because it is considered that she is defrauding the tax authorities, by avoiding the legalization of the vehicle and the payment of the 45,000 euros in taxes.

The woman claimed that she had taken the Andorran car to Treviso, where she lives because she wanted to compete in a classic car race. The police, however, denied this version thanks to road cameras that showed how the woman used the car on a daily basis in the Italian city where she lives. The Bentley will not be returned to him until he pays 45,000 euros to the Italian customs service.



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